Pin-Didnt Patterns

The following are my Pin-Didnt Patterns. I keep a collection on my Pinterest Pinboard (hence the "Pin") so I can remember what happened with each pattern. They all are great ideas, so I like to keep them in mind as inspiration pieces but they were not quite what I was looking for at the time. Maybe you're looking for it? Got my fingers crossed for ya!

The top link will direct you to the pattern, which may or may not be free, and the link underneath will direct you to the site Home page. On the very bottom of each, you will find a short description of why this pattern did not work out for me.

None of these photos are mine. They belong to their respective sites and designers.
If any of these belong to you and you would like them removed from this site, PLEASE let me know!

E902 Crochet K-St Beach Cover Up
Found on Crocheted Patterns
Attempted 02.2014
This pattern requires lots of self measuring.
Colour Block Top
Found on Red Heart Yarns by Kimberly McAlindin
Attempted 03.2014
I love this top! But I don't like the way large
hooks and thin yarn work together.

Fingerless Gloves
Found by Bernat on Yarnspirations
Attempted 07.04.14.
It is difficult to work the cuffs in slip stitches.

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