Monday, January 15, 2018

Turqua Spring Wreath - Free Crochet Pattern

I have been having so much fun making wreaths over the last year, experimenting with different crocheted bases and embellishments. I know you are thinking, "I haven't seen any on the blog", and you are so right! I have been slacking a little on sharing my wreaths, but I plan on sharing more with you this year.

In preparation for the upcoming Spring, I thought the Turqua colorway from the Super Saver line would be perfect! And paired with it, I chose a trendy gray colorway from the same line, Soapstone.

I oogle over the beautiful Hydrangea wreaths all over Pinterest and Etsy, and I have really wanted to create my own version. This Make it for Me Event hosted by Kathy of Elk Studio was exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear, and work up my own Hydrangea wreath, and I am soooo happy with it! It came out perfect!
If you aren't familiar with the Make it for Me Event, it is basically a time when we stop, and take some time to crochet something for ourselves to wear or display, and enjoy. I don't know about you, but I received a few orders right at Christmas time, plus was finishing up last minute Christmas gifts, and I was just non-stop on-the-go crocheting and creating (and stressing a little bit) for others. It is nice when you have a break, to spend a little time on something special for you! This wreath was my special make for myself to place on my front door.

There are so many possibilities for this wreath - changing up the base color or flowers to match any occasion, holiday or color theme, adding a fun pennant banner diagonal from the flowers of instead of the monogram, how about a bird cut out or a "Welcome" sign? These are just a few ideas. Drop me a line below if you'd like to see a specific design.

After spending all your time crocheting the base and embellishments, save yourself some time, by using your hot glue gun to secure the flowers and leaves. I am not sure if you've used a glue gun with yarn before, but it is very, VERY secure. I have even washed items made that hot glue was used on, and they hold up extremely well.

     - 275 Yards of Worsted Weight Yarn - I used Red Heart's Super Saver, 185 Yards in the Soapstone [Gray] colorway for the wreath base, about 55 Yards in the Turqua [Blue] colorway for the frilly flowers, and 25 Yards in the Tea Leaf [Green] colorway for the leaves
     - H8/5mm Crochet Hook
     - #18 Tapestry Needle for Sewing and Weaving in Ends
     - 12" Styrofoam Wreath Form - I used a white Floracraft brand found at my local JoAnn's
     - Basic 12" Wreath Form Cover, an EyeLoveKnots Free Crochet Pattern
     - 6" White Wood Letter (JoAnn's) - "K"
     - Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

Material Notes:
     Yarn Alternatives: Caron's One Pound, Bernat's Super Value, Big Twist Collection Value Worsted Yarn, Hobby Lobby's Crafters Secret Yarn

Time Spent:
     I had my wreath ready to go in just over three and a half hours.

     12" Wreath

     20 SC by 14 Rows = 6 1/8" Wide by 3 7/8" Tall

     SC - Single Crochet
     DC - Double Crochet
     TR - Triple/Treble Crochet - Yarn over 3 times
     DTR - Double Triple/Treble Crochet - Yarn over 4 times
     HDC - Half Double Crochet



Wreath Base:
     First things first, you will need to work up a Basic 12" Wreath Form Cover, a free crochet pattern found here on the EyeLoveKnots blog!

Wreath Hanger - Optional:
     Chain 43. SC into the 2nd chain, and each chain across. (42 SC)

R2: Chain 1, turn. SC into the 1st 4 SCs, chain 4, skip the next 4 SC, SC into the next 26 SC, chain 4, skip the next 4 SC, SC into the last 4 SC. (34 SC)

R3: Chain 1, turn. SC into the 1st 4 SCs, work 4 SC into the chain space, SC into the next 26 SC, work 4 SC into the next chain space, SC into the last 4 SC. (42 SC)

Border: Chain 1, but don't turn. SC into the side of Row 2 (this is the same stitch as the last), and into the side of Row 1, work 3 SC into the next stitch - corner, working into the opposite side of the foundation chain, SC into the next 40 stitches, work 3 SC into the next stitch - corner, SC 2 into the next side, work 3 SC into the next stitch - corner, SC across into the next 40 stitches, work 3 SC into the next stitch - corner. Join to the first SC. (90 SC) 

Weave in ends, and set aside. This wreath hanger is used to hang on a wreath hanger. The open ends will be at the top, and the slit is where the loop of the wreath hanger will be placed through.

Frilly Flowers - Make 3:
     Chain 79. SC into the 5th chain, (chain 4, SC into the next foundation chain) 74x. (75 loops)

After working last single crochet, fasten off with a long tail and pull up last stitch to break loop. Starting at the end that does not have the yarn tails, you will begin rolling up the piece. The loopy part will form the "petals" of the flower. After flower is completely rolled, turn to the bottom, and use your yarn tail to secure the flower. Make long strides from one side of the flower to the other, making sure to work through all layers. Weave in final end.

Leaves - Make 4:
     Chain 12. DC into the 4th chain, TR into the next chain, DTR into each of the next 2 chains, TR into the next chain, DC into the next chain, HDC into the next chain, SC into the next chain, slip stitch into the next chain, chain 2, slip stitch into the same as the other slip stitch, and turn to work into the opposite side of the foundation chain. SC into the next chain, HDC into the next chain, DC into the next chain, TR into the next chain, DTR into each of the next 2 chains, TR into the next chain, DC into the next chain, chain 3, slip stitch into the same stitch as the beginning DC. 

Fasten Off, and Weave in Ends.

     Your wreath base should already be sewn closed on the styrofoam base. Next, decide where to place your flowers, leaves and letter. To do so, lay them down on top of the wreath base, and move around until you have found the perfect spots for them. I suggest using them to cover up the seam from sewing the two ends together of the wreath form cover. The larger seam sewn lengthwise to join the two sides of the wreath cover should lay on the inside back of the wreath, and not be visible.
For mine, I knew that because the letter was a little heavier, that I wanted it to be closer to the bottom center so it wouldn't make the finished wreath tilt. I placed it slightly off centered. Keep in mind, that it is best if the letter reaches the side too, so it can be tacked down here as well for extra security. After deciding on the letter placement, I placed the first flower closest to the letter, and then the other two flowers following each other. After I had the flower placement down, I added in the leaves in between the flowers, making sure they didn't touch each other, but were sticking out a bit so they could be clearly seen over the flowers. After I was satisfied with the placement of everything, I carefully picked up one item at a time, and hot glued down.
Please feel free to make and sell your own Turqua Spring Wreath using this pattern, but please DO NOT claim this pattern as your own nor should you sell my pattern, and DO NOT re-publish my photos as your own. DO NOT copy and paste my pattern anywhere, link to it instead.

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  1. THIS is the year I will learn! I love this pattern!

    1. This would be a really good one to start on. For the base cover, you just need to know the basic single crochet, and for the flower, it's just the single crochet and a basic chain stitch. The leaves have a little more advanced stitches, but you could always use leaves from floral stems. Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help!

  2. Thank you for all your wonderful lpatterns

    1. Thank you for your support! Very appreciated.

  3. Great wreath! I love hydrangeas :-) The blue is so bright!

    1. Me too! I have been admiring the wreaths with full, beautiful hydrangeas for quite some time, and I really wanted to make my own.