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Chicken Bacon Alfredo Lasagna Rolls - Recipe Review - Inside BruCrew Life

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My email inbox has more than 6,000 social emails! Yikes! I have been slacking on pinning, and deleting emails. Last week I went through all of the Inside BruCrew Life emails I had received - more than 200 from back in 2015! I came across this Chicken Bacon Alfredo Lasagna Rolls among those 200, and decided to try them for dinner.

When I first looked at these, I did not consider that I'd actually have to roll the lasagna noodles, but it came to my attention that I would need to, and boy was that messy! But still a quick and easy dinner recipe, and a big hit with Todd - he even went back for seconds!

While this recipe uses bacon and alfredo, I'm thinking you could easily use a tomato sauce and mushrooms, or substitute the chicken for veggies like broccoli.

Yields: 12 Pieces to Serve 3 - 4

     - 25 Minutes to Boil Water & Cook Pasta, plus Chop Chicken & Cook, Simultaneously; 
     - 15 Minutes to Make Mixture and Roll Up Lasagna; 
     - 17 Minutes to Bake

     - 12 Lasagna Noodles of a 16-oz Box of Barilla's Wavy Lasagna Pasta
     - 1 15-oz Jar of Bertolli Alfredo Sauce
     - 0.5 cup of Milk
     - 1.5 Cups of Ricotta Cheese
     - 1.5 Cups of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
     - 2 Cups of Cooked Chopped Chicken
     - 1 14.5-oz can of Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes, Drained Well
     - 0.5 Cup of Hormel's Real Crumbled Bacon (of a 4.3-oz bag)
     - 0.5 Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
     - Chicken Bacon Alfredo Lasagna Rolls, Free Recipe from Inside BruCrew Life

You'll Also Need:
     - Aluminum Foil for Lining Casserole Dish
     - 9 x 13 Casserole Dish
     - Sauce Pan for Cooking Chicken In & Spoon to Mix
     - Medium Sized Mixing Bowl for Sauce Mixture & Spoon
     - Large Pot for Cooking Lasagna Noodles
     - Measuring Cup/s
     - Baking Sheet for Laying & Rolling Noodles On
     - Knife/Kitchen Scissors for Chopping Chicken

Ingredient Notes:
     Milk: I only use 2% milk at home. Came out great.
     Chicken: I had to google how many pounds two cups were equal to, and it came out to about one pound. I used skinless boneless chicken breasts, and bought 1.73. I cooked it all, but separated it in half and used the rest of the chicken in tacos for lunch the next day. The half I used was the perfect amount - I wouldn't suggest too much more.
     Bacon: I cheated, and bought some of the crumbled bacon you find in the salad dressing aisle - worked great, and was a fast mix in.


Recipe Notes:
This was my first time cooking chicken like this. I used out kitchen scissors to cut up the raw into cubes, cutting away the fat, then dumped into the pan, and cooked just like browning hamburger meat. The only difference, chicken does not brown, it is just tan. For anyone new to cooking chicken this way too, just make sure there isn't any pink yet.

I did not drain my tomatoes good enough, so my mixture was a little runny. Definitely make sure to drain well.

After I cooked my noodles, I drained the water, and then put in some cold water to cool so I could handle the noodles. They were a little slimy - eck - but I muscled through it. I laid them down three at a time onto the baking sheet, spooned my mixture onto each one, and then carefully rolled pushing the guts back into the noodles when necessary. This process took a little time, and was very messy, but and easy step.
I divided the baking time in half, baking for 17 minutes.
For the complete recipe, visit Inside BruCrew Life's Chicken Bacon Alfredo Lasagna Rolls.

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