Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Days as a Trombonist - Living the Dream Wednesday

In high school, I played regular Trombone in the Concert and Symphonic Bands, and Bass Trombone in the jazz band - and loved every minute of it! While digging through one of my boxes at home, I came across these ties that I used to wear for performances. 

The red one on the left we wore during our jazz band performances. I remember the first performance we wore them too... It was at a prep school downtown, and I remember tying a few peoples ties - even a couple guys - funny because, I had only taught myself the night before how to tie it, hehe. This tie has such a fun and pretty pattern on it - red with gold and blue "moving" notes and staff. 

The black one on the top right is the first one I bought - in middle school! We used to have solo and ensemble performances once a year, and I used to wear this black one to these from 6th grade up through high school.

I took these photos, and have since donated them to my local Goodwill - hopefully someone else can get some good use out of it :)

Any other previous band members out there?

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Aww, those are nice memories. I didn't play an instrument in high school, but I was really into choir :) I loved to sing! Those are awesome ties, by the way. I hope whoever gets them enjoys them as much as you did!

    1. Though I didn't do chorus, I do enjoy singing too and even started taking some voice lessons this year - so much fun! Thanks for sharing :)