Wednesday, December 21, 2016

BFFs Under the Christmas Tree - Living the Dream Wednesday

I searched the house high and low for the cats, and here I finally found them sleeping under the Christmas tree. How sweet!

Anyone else's furbaby getting into the holiday spirit? Hehe!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That looks so cute! Our cats leave the tree aside, except for one who is always climbing in it, and tries to sleep on the middle branches. Because it's one of the 'biggest' cats, he doesn't succeed but he never gives up trying :-)
    Happy holidays,

  2. Are you sure they will not start climbing in?
    We've still got all stuff out of the basement appartment in our living room so there's no space for a tree this year. This turned out quite lucky as we've got a 11-weeks-old kitten since last week and she's full of mischieve. I've put a small tree one up upon the mantel though and I'm waiting/dreading for the moment she finds her way up there...
    Enjoy the festive season,