Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends! - Living the Dream

Yesterday: Here in the States, we are celebrating Thanksgiving Day today. I want to wish ALL of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! And even for those not celebrating, an awesome day!

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks for all the things you have, including the delicious feast slaved and stressed over for sometimes days, and being with friends and family. I am thankful for many things - including you! I have come a long way with my crocheting and blogging because you guys support and encourage me. Thanks sooooo much!

My boyfriend's parents were not going to be able to celebrate with us today, so we celebrated this past Sunday. We went all out, and had a wonderful time together. 

I've included some photos for you. Please respect us in not pinning, saving or sharing our images :) You may do so with the title photo if you choose, or the final image of Lake Jessamine.
Today: I was going to schedule this to post yesterday when I originally finished editing my photos, but I knew I'd be going to my Grandpa's on Thanksgiving, and wanted to share some photos of that with you too :)
I suppose it wasn't as many more photos as I thought I had, but still. Just look at that lake view!

Hope everyone had a fantastic day! Be careful out shopping today with all those folks out for Black Friday deals.


  1. What a beautiful Thanksgiving table, and of course the puppy is adorable with his ham bone! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks, Julie! Hope you also had a nice one :)

  2. Very glad to read that you had a wonderful time!
    We don't celebrate that day overhere in Belgium but I'm really looking forward to Christmas already :-)
    Take care,

    1. A Belgium Christmas sounds beautiful! Will you be sharing photos?