Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rescue Mission, Save the Kittens! - Living the Dream Wednesday

Mid August, my brother-in-law came home with three sweet little kittens that he came across while working for a client. The mother cat hadn't been around in a few days so he brought them home to take to a shelter. I happened to be leaving just as he was coming in, and quickly turned to my friend, Ashley, to get her opinion on what to do with them. She works at a well known veterinarian's office that sees many different types of animals. Right off the bat, she said if the kittens were taken to a shelter, they'd be euthanized. Being animal lovers, the two of us couldn't bare the thought, and so she decided to take the kittens for the night. I jumped in the car with the kittens, and dropped them off at her place. After a long night of feeding every few hours and an unexpected, pretty severe allergic reaction, Ashley made the decision that the kittens needed to go.

I came over early to pick her and the kittens up, and to the local shelter we went. They looked the kittens over, and informed me that they were less than 2 weeks old being that their eyes weren't open yet, and that because they weren't feeding on their own and there wasn't a lactating cat at the shelter that the kittens would be euthanized before days end. I couldn't bare the thought so I brought them back to the car. We headed down the street to Wawa to grab a cup of coffee and brainstorm. We reached out to friends and family, and called every cat rescue in the area but struck out all around. Had I been able to, I would have kept all three kittens myself but since that was absolutely not an option and Ashley was so allergic, we sadly traveled back to the shelter.

I took the dreaded walk back to cat receiving again, and sat outside the door. I held the three kittens in my arms, and cried. I just couldn't bare leaving them to die, and couldn't bring myself to take them in. Thankfully, while I was here, I received a message from one of the girls from work saying she would foster the kittens until permanent homes were found - YAY! I started jumping for joy, and ran back to the car with them. Ashley was also jumping for joy.

Later that day, I met the girl from work to drop off the kittens, and they have since found loving, permanent homes :)

Please, go rescue a cat from your local shelter. Due to overcrowding, they don't have long once dropped off and/or put up for adoption before they are euthanized. 

Happy Wednesday, Y'all :) 

PS If you have never seen a kitten being bottle fed, it is the absolute, most adorable thing! They look like they are drunk off of the milk, and curl up into a little ball in your hands.


  1. Well done!! I myself have rescued 4 cats, they are all happy and warm in my house. There are also 2 cats outside that I am feeding and they can sleep in our shed. So I understand fully what you are saying! I can't believe that there are so many people dropping their cats in the woods, or neglecting the poor animals. I'm so glad to read your post!
    I wished there were more people like you!
    Thank's for setting such a beautiful example!
    Have a nice day,

  2. Hello Alexandra,
    so happy you were able to save those kitten! My heart went out for them whilst reading your story.
    Take care!