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Ether Top - Crochet Pattern Review - MermaidCatDesigns

After completing the Ceres Top and submitting my feedback, Stacey of MermaidCatDesigns reached out and asked if I'd be interested in testing out the pattern for this Ether Top and boy was I excited! This is such a beautiful top, and the finished piece is even more so and super comfortable. 

The use of lightweight yarn kind of intimidated me - not that it was scary, but I knew it'd take me a little while to complete. It ended up being very easy to work up and follow, and though it took me about 10 hours to finish, it didn't seem that long. I'm even thinking about the next yarn I am going to use in working a new top.

     - Pattern suggests Sport Weight Yarn - I used a skein and a half of Baby Bee's Sweet Delight which is a #3 yarn in the Sage colorway.
     - 3.5mm Crochet Hook (as recommended)
     - Tapestry Needle for Weaving in Ends
     - Opt Stitch Marker for Sleeves
     - Ether Top, Paid Crochet Pattern from MermaidCatDesigns

Time Spent:
     I worked this top up in a few seatings for just over ten hours.

     Small, Medium & Large Sizes Available. I worked the Medium size and it fit perfectly - to fit a 35" bust, and measuring 14" in length from sleeve seam to bottom of motif.

My Gauge with 3.5mm Hook:
     19 HDC by 14 Rows = 3 7/8" x 4"

Pattern Notes:
     Overall, this was another fantastic pattern to work up. So easy to follow, so easy to read and understand. With the step-by-step photos and the basic stitches used, I would say this top is one an advanced beginner can work. 

You can use the basic top to wear a variety of ways, or use a different motif across the bottom. I have since found the Synthesis Sun Dress and Dimension Maxi Dress - both with the same basic top and a little different in the rest. I think with more rows of the motif part, it would also make a really cute top. You could also omit the sleeves and wear it like a tank top. So many possibilities!

I do not suggest this top for use in the water, but it would be great for sun bathing or going to a festival.

With all the loose ties, I would suggest if machine washing, to place in a lingerie back. Make sure to wash on the gentle cycle too.

I found a few things in the pattern that I'd like to point out:

*Connecting motifs can be intimidating. Even as someone who has worked a few join-as-you-go projects, I still forgot until I worked it myself that you join into the new motif from behind, and into the current motif as normal. Don't be intimidated - it's really rather easy!

*MermaidCatDesigns patterns are written a little different than traditional. In this piece, keep in mind that there are two different sets of directions for the shaping: When row begins with chain 1, it does not count as a stitch, and the first stitch is worked into the second stitch; When row begins with chain 2, it does count as a stitch, and the first stitch is worked into the first stitch.

*For the shoulder seam, work it with wrong sides facing so when you turn it right side out, the seam will be on the inside. I worked mine using slip stitches so it would create a seam that was less bulky and would lay flatter. Alternatively, you can fasten off with a long tail and sew it closed, but I like the security of stitching closed.

*For sleeve, the pattern states to work into the next chain space. I worked my first stitch into the first chain space.
*After working half of a sleeve as written, I did not like the seam that was created by the half double crochet join - shown in my photo above. I took my stitches out to the end of Round 8, and then began working in a continuous manner. Just make sure if working in this manner that you are working 34 chain spaces around. I used a stitch marker to help me keep track of rounds.

*For the ties in the front, back and neck, I wanted something a little more sturdy so after the final double crochet, I added 5 single crochets into the space created by the double crochet and joined to the first single crochet to create a little ball on the end, and then I slip stitched all the way down in the back loop of each chain. This does take a little more time and patience, but it creates a sturdier and clean looking tie with less stretch.

*After I completed my top and put it on, I found that I couldn't keep my sleeves up. To fix this and give me more security, I attached my yarn to the shoulder seam on both sides, chained 52, and worked into as stated above. With these extra ties, I had no issues keeping my sleeves up, and keep more comfortable.
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Don't Crochet but Interested in Purchasing an Ether Top?
     You can check out EyeLoveKnots on Etsy to see what I have available! Use the search box to type in what you have in mind, or feel free to send me a message with your custom request. I am happy to make in any custom size and/or color. View color options here: Sweet Delight.

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  1. WOW! Looks great! Do prefer the Ether Top, but both look stunning!

    1. Thanks :) I really love this top. Just got back from Hobby Lobby where I bought a light brown colorway to work another! I think I'm going to work it as a dress though.

  2. Looks like a great pattern! My daughter wants me to crochet her something "summer-y", but I think she's too young for the top... The dress patterns are perfect!

    1. I completely understand. I put this one to show my sister the other day and she said, "That top is too sexy for you." Hehehe. I have been looking at the following summer top patterns from Lion Brand. They're free and use Cotton Ease - a beautifully soft acrylic cotton mix. These are more age appropriate for a teen and can be worn in more than just the beach setting: Sea Breeze Top:; Summer Tunic:; and the Light and Lively Tank:
      I also bought some more yarn and already started on my own Synthesis Sundress. The top did take quite some time to finish, but I am looking forward to having my dress! Let me know what you end up making for your daughter! :)

    2. Tell your sister the top isn't too sexy for you, you're too sexy for that top. Then do the "I'm too sexy" dance while wearing it :)

      Thanks for the links! I was set to make the kid a dress, but now she wants a top - I *think* we're going with the Light & Lively tank. Maybe I'll make a "sexy" top for myself, just to see how mortified she'll be, lol.

    3. Hehehehehe. Can't wait to see what you create :) I'll be on the look out in my inbox for the post.

  3. Love how pretty this is, and with a good yarn it would keep you covered enough but let the air thru. So pretty!

    1. Absolutely! I am very happy with my yarn choice. I was worried it'd be a little warm being acrylic, but it's nice and lightweight and very soft.

  4. This looks really easy and I haven't crocheted in years I will have to give it a try, thanks for the idea!

    1. The pattern has step by step photos, and it's laid out very well. Easy enough for an advanced beginner to put together. Highly recommended :) Would love to see your top if you get to try it! And yarn recommendations too. I am always looking to try new yarns.