Thursday, January 28, 2016

Plastic Treasure Etsy Treasury - Etsy Finds & Features

Last week, my Dangle Heart Earrings were featured in this Plastic Treasure Etsy Treasury. It's such an exciting thing to log on and see that one of your items has been chosen for an Etsy Treasury. Just a little way that you can show your appreciation for others hard work and talent. 
Thanks for the feature, Brittany!

Enjoy some of the other wonderful features here! 
Permission has been obtained from these shop owners to feature their items.
These coasters are just stunning! Eight pieces plus a cute little storage box that would be great as a jewelry box as well make this an excellent buy. There is so much detail in each butterfly and the box - it definitely shows lots of time went into the making of these. I really think these would make great art pieces if placed inside a small shadowbox kind of frame.
This is such a fun pair of earrings! I am all about having a different pair of earrings for any occasion. These would be especially great for the summer, a rainy day or a festival, to name a few.
The texture created by the diagonal stitches definitely feed into the hypnotizing look, and I think would look great in any color combo such as an ombre effect or alternating colors like black and white.
These duck coasters would make a great addition to a wood cabin or on you little pop up table inside the tent. 
They'd also make a great gift for him for any occasion.
Maybe the ducks in your neck of woods aren't these colors? The ones around my home are mostly brown. Request a custom order from Barbara :)
Wow! This is such a precious ornament and keepsake.
One left at the time of this posting, and price has been discounted. 
Get it while you can!
Looking for a different breed? Check out the BarLeeCreations Shop for others!
For my dog lover friends, I will definitely be turning to this for future gift ideas.
These hamburger earrings are a fun way to express yourself.
They are very unique and would make a great gift!
I put together a tutorial on working a Small Plastic Canvas Heart for my blog, and decided afterwards that I wanted to make some earrings using the blank plastic cut outs. These have become one of my favorite pair of earrings to wear. They are nice and lightweight - you will forget you're wearing them! Until someone compliments you, hehe.
DIY Dangle Heart Earrings - Free Pattern & Tutorial
How cute is this set of doll patio furniture?! I have a similar pattern I purchased a year or two ago, but with all of the cutting and stitch skipping in this set, it wasn't something I wanted to pursue at the time. Props to Auntie Em though because this set is beautiful! I love the variety in cushions, and the little bit of red that was used just to accent the set. The props used in this photo too are so cute and together with the outdoor atmosphere definitely help set the scene.
What a great way to decorate for the big game! Or as a gift for a college student, graduate or teacher.
This is a cute little way to share the seasonal love, or afterwards when you want to share a cute little note with the one/s you love. I am constantly leaving little notes around the house for my boyfriend, but I know others who enjoy leaving little notes around for their children as well. What a fun, central location for all of the love to be and spread.
I can also see something like this at a teacher's desk for notes from the students, or when the students are passing out Valentine's cards to everyone.
Though checkbooks are used too much these days, these covers are still cute enough to be used in other ways. They could be used as a wallet or to hold a small handheld calendar.
I. Just. Love. This. Clutch! And BONUS - it has pockets.

I hope you have been inspired, and/or wishlisted a few items (hehe).
If you are a fellow Etsian, please heart the treasury and the items to share the love and build the hotness.
Plastic Treasure Etsy Treasury Curated by Brittany of 13CraftandCrochet.
Features Include (left to right, top to bottom):

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  1. Thank you for the feature ! I will share this post on my social media pages. Be Blessed!

    1. Thank YOU for allowing me to share :) Best wishes!

  2. It is amazing all the things you can do with plastic canvas .... I just love it! Thank you so kindly for featuring my Rottweiler. I surely will be sharing this blog post with everyone!

    1. Definitely amazing with what you can make with plastic canvas. Thanks for allowing me to share your project here!

  3. Those duck coasters are the cutest!! I know a couple guys that would love them