Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Living the Dream: My Sweet Shiloh

Shiloh patiently waits by the door for someone to open it for him.
Since I was going outside to photograph some crochet pieces, 
I let him come out with me. He LOVES being outside, and I LOVE to see him out playing and jumping around.
1 - "I heard you say that this would make such a cute photo if I would just look at you, so I am not going to look..."

2 - "Hmm still not looking because something over there is more interesting..."

3 - "Oh wait, what's over there?"

4 - "Okay, this is as close as you get..." 
1 - I spy with my little hazel eyes... Can you find Shiloh? Hehe.

2 - "I got it, I got it!"

3 - "No, wait..."

4 - "Ugh, I lost it!" 
1 - Shiloh likes to spy on the other side of the street. 

2 - And very sneakily, tries to spy on me too.

3 - Shiloh enjoying the nice breeze in the open yard. 

4 - Finally, he gave in and came to sit with me on the bench for a few minutes.

Happy Wednesday to All!!