Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yarn Fanatic Party #36 Cont'd - EyeLoveKnots Yarn Favorites

As stated in my post yesterday for the Yarn Fanatic Party #36, I had just too many favorites to go through in detail in the EyeLoveKnots Yarn Favorites section as I normally do, so I shared with you the collections of my favorites and today, put together this post to go through them a little more - just because I love to!

I want to personally thank all of those who do link up with us - myself and Rachel of The Philosopher's Wife - and continued to come back and party with us! It's so much fun to see what you all are working on, and every party is full of so much inspiration.

Onto my Yarn Favorites:
From Top Right downward in a Reverse "L" shape:
Block 6 for Moogly CAL from Linda's Crafty Corner. One thing that really stuck out to me in this block is the shell-like corners of the teal-ish part. It's so interesting to work a corner this way. I (and you through the Yarn Fanatic Party), have been following Linda's adventure along the Moogly CAL for 2015 and I have loved seeing the progress along the way. This is going to be such a neat blanket once it's finished.

Corner to Corner Blanket for the World's Biggest Stocking from A City Without a Swing. Kim did a fantastic job on this Corner to Corner Blanket! It all started with her First Big WIP, and a little help from Mikey of the Crochet Crowd. Can't wait to see the second blanket to accompany this one!

**If you haven't heard about the World's Biggest Stocking Challenge, it's being hosted by Yarnspirations, the home of Patons, Lily Sugar n Cream, Caron and Bernat and was launched with the new line of yarn - Caron United Yarn - in which $0.15 of sales are donated to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation  to aid in college funding.

Part 3 of Sophie's Universe from Hakel Fieber. I am part of a group on Facebook for Crocheting and such. 95% of the members are working on the Sophie's Universe Blanket, and I just love looking at all of the different color combinations. This version from Hakel Fieber is no exception! I really love the bright colors with the mix of the darker colors in there. It really makes the surrounding colors pop, but still keeps it all together nicely. Beautiful piece!

Hexagons Shabby Chic Blanket from Homemade at my Place. This is such an interesting blanket! Looking closer at it you can see it's made of strips of hexagons pieced together, with diamond-like shapes in the "holes". The finished piece is just so neat! Nothing I have seen before. And a plus - the cute pictures of the cat keeping her company as she works. I love when my Shiloh sittings next to me as I crochet. I can just feel the love and support he is giving me.

The Granny Square Blankets for the World's Biggest Stocking from Crochet is the Way. If you are a regular follower of EyeLoveKnots, you know that I have a soft spot for Granny Squares. These blankets turned out just great! I love the pop of festive colors, and the simplicity of the sweet granny square. Sorry for your troubles Jenny, but it all worked out wonderfully!
AND! There is a great tutorial showing how to easily weave in your ends when working a granny square. I know there are some struggles when working the weave as there isn't much space to weave ends into outside of the clusters. Thanks Jenny!

More Squares Colors and Shapes from Milena Places. What a fun collection of color and shapes! I am very much looking forward to seeing this blanket once it is completed. Gives a whole new meaning to a "Sampler".

Non-Random Placement of Projek Bohemia Throw Squares from Haak-en-Stekie. This blanket has such a pretty light, lacy look and with floral squares! I love it. More than that though, I like the photo in which Stel shows how she went along with her "Non-Random Placement". I am a very organized person - at least I like to think so, hehe - and always have to find that rhyme or reason. I have trouble with just piecing squares together. I always have to have a pattern in mind. At least now I know that I am not alone ;) Love it Stel! And your Tommie cat :)
Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Floral Tree from My World of Crochet. In my house, we keep our Christmas Tree up all year as a "topiary". There was a time when I would decorate it for the different holidays, and I loved every minute of it. More recently though, money has been tighter so I haven't been able to go out and buy the decorations I wanted for it, and I had been working more so I was tired. I have been crocheting for two years now, but it wasn't until I saw this Floral Tree that I thought to myself, "Why the heck haven't I been crocheting up my own seasonal ornaments?!" This is the beginning of a new challenge for me. Thanks for the inspiration Lisa! Beautiful little Spring tree.

Pansy Wreath from Tej Art-terapia. Though there isn't a pattern attached for us. this wreath gives us great inspiration. The pansies are beautiful, and the wreath is super cute!

Summer Stripes Dishcloth from Crochet n Crafts. Looking for a new dishcloth to make? Rhelena has a great free crochet pattern for us with this Summer Stripes Dishcloth. In it, she uses a pattern that I think many of us overlook. I have seen it but only from one other designer. It adds great texture and a neat appearance. Hop over to check out this pattern!

Crochet Lampshade from My World of Crochet. What room is complete without a lamp? I love the look of lamps, and the simplicity of using them as a light source and decor piece. Next to that - crochet lampshades are definitely a necessity. I will be updating my lamps. Another great inspiration piece! 

Vintage Doily from A Simple Homestead. This doily is so interesting. It has a nice, solid look through it compared to the loose, lacy look that I am more used to seeing. I like it though, it does give off a vintage feel. Very cool.
And thanks to Carmen, I have found a new group to be a part of :)

Scottie Plaid Dishcloth from Crochet for You. I love that plaid is in right now. It's always been one of my favorite patterns, especially since it's always a great combination of colors. I watch a Knitting and Crochet program called Knitting Daily hosted by Vicky Howell in which she has guest knitters and crocheters share their tips and how-tos for different patterns and techniques. One that stuck out to me was a designer named Robin (sorry I don't remember her last name) that was known for designing crocheted garments. She was showing how to work a plaid pattern, and said that working the surface slip stitches to create the plaid effect helps to keep the piece from stretching out with wear. She was speaking on a dress, but I think the same idea would apply to a wash/dishcloth. As any who uses crocheted/knitted wash/dishcloths knows that they stretch with use. Neat dishcloth idea, Erangi!

A Pair of Cushions from Marie-Lucieene Atelier. This is a sweet pair of cushions. I love the combination of the fabric with the crochet pieces, especially with the floral motifs within the crocheted piece, and the simple crocheted lining of the back pocket. Very nice! First on the list - work on my sewing of pillow cases.
Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Rising Sun Applique from Made in Craftadise. I don't know about you, but here in the Sunshine State, we are seeing more and more of the Sun and Heat and are more times than none praying for that little cloud to come over and give us a little relief - unless it's accompanied by hurricanes and tropical storms of course. Such a cute little applique though, and would be nice on many different projects such as blankets, pillows, garments, hats, bags, the front of a card, as a wall art piece, etc.

Scrubbies and Soaps from Milena Places. First off, I must say that I am truly honored to have someone use one of my patterns and write about it! I have no experienced this before, and it really, really made my day to go through this post and find some sweet scrubbies made from my Robin's Egg Slanted Shell Facial Scrubbies pattern. I love the addition of the loopy edge. It really adds to the femininity of the pattern.
I also am in love with the whole "gift spa set". What a nice idea! And a great gift idea, especially with the soothing colors of the two different patterned scrubbies and homemade soaps. Great idea!

Wrapped Canvas Embroidered Wall Art from Sadie Seasongoods. At first, I glanced over this art piece, and set it aside. It wasn't until I saw it at another linky party that I really saw the texture of the embroidery and decided to give it another look over. And boy am I glad I did, why? Because it is such a cool idea! Store bought fabric and some embroidery floss to outline the images. What a genius idea! Now, I will have to keep my eyes open in the remnants section of my local craft stores.

Baby Ballerina Shoes from Tama Pollo. Baby shoes are so sweet! Even though I don't have a baby, every time I look at a pair of crochet baby shoes, I always want to make up a bunch! These Baby Ballerina Shoes are no exception. They are adorable! Great gift for a baby shower or to a new mommy.

Shell Stitch Dog Collar from Posh Pooch Designs. This is such a precious idea! And it looks great on Sara's pooch. I have a friend, Ashley, that has her hands full with three dogs, and I have been wanting to make her some accessories for the dogs. Looking at this collar, I really love the idea. I have some adjusting to do as it's too hot here in the Sunshine State to use worsted weight yarn, and I want it to fit over the actual collar of the dog so Ashley can still hook up the leash to take the dogs out but I am excited to try it out.

This concludes my EyeLoveKnots Yarn Favorites from the Yarn Fanatic Party #35. Thanks for stopping by to continue partying with me! Enjoy your week.

Did any of the linked up projects catch your eye? Any of them make it onto your list of projects to make?


  1. Looks great! Thanks for posting! :-)
    A Day In My Life, Cochet & Reviews

  2. Thanks for choosing my projects :) I thanks for your nice words too.
    All of the features projects are nice and i would love to crochet Summer stripes and Scottie plaid dishcloths, Baby Ballerina shoes, Pansy wreath ... and in fact - all of them :)

    1. Can't help that I love them! You sound like me - liking them ALL. I have a private list of Yarn Party Inspirations that I would like to try. The list is growing faster than I can work them, as it usually does.