Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What Did I Buy From Petals To Picots? - Crochet Pattern Finds

While I was visiting with Petals to Picots to read her newest post - Basket Weave Knit Dishcloth - the Ladies Booties pattern from her PetalstoPicots Etsy shop caught my eye.
This wasn't the first time that I looked at them, but I decided tonight was the night I was going to purchase them.

In her shop, she has a section for deals and pattern sets which I clicked on to see what kind of packages she had. I took advantage of the 5 Patterns for $18.

So What Did I Buy From Petals to Picots? Well...
I bought the first thing that caught my eye - the Crochet Ladies Booties.
These booties are worked up in worsted weight yarn, 
and available in four sizes - 4/5, 6/7, 8/9, 10/11.
I just love the solid body of these mixed with the cluster stitch cuffs.
A sister pattern to the booties - Ladies Crochet Slippers.
These are also worked up in worsted weight yarn, 
and available in four sizes - 4/5, 6/7, 8/9, 10/11.
These slippers look so sweet and cozy.
I especially like how Kara worked them up as two-tone here.
I think a bow or ribbon that matches the sole would be perfect for these!
Similarly - Ladies Crochet Socks.
These socks are worked up in Sports Weight Yarn,
and available in four sizes - 6, 7, 8, 9.
I have been wanting to try out some crochet socks for a while, and now I have a great pattern to try it with!
I especially like that these have a knit look to them. I have been continuously drooling over the stunning knit items that have been about. I really need to learn to knit - hehe.
I have been considering working on an infinity scarf or two (or ten), 
but haven't started on any lately. 
Since I need another pattern to complete my five, 
I figured why not try out this beautiful Mobius Infinity Scarf pattern?
I love the sweet, feminine shell pattern and the solid gray to balance it out.
Lastly, a pattern I have been dying to try - 
Are these are the most precious looking dolls?!
They are so sweet and innocent, and each with their own features and accessories that establish their own individual personalities.
My cousin, Madison, is going to love these!

That concludes my 'shopping trip' today. What do you think about my selection?
Are there any that caught your eye?

Interested in Purchasing Any of These Items Already Finished?
     I will be working some items up to add to my EyeLoveKnots Etsy shop, but in the meantime - feel free to send me a message with your custom order. Color options are practically endless for all!

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  1. I love them all! The ladies booties I peeked at those on Etsy page too. :-) The Customizable Doll I adore, can't wait to see yours from the pattern. Just a quick FYI my yarn came Monday, tiles not yet tho.

    1. I am working on the booties as we speak! I am so excited.
      I did check today and saw that one had arrived and the other in route. Strange, because the tiles were shipped on the 2-day shipping and were expected to arrive sooner than the yarn. That's upsetting. Sorry!

  2. Fantastic can't wait to see a picture of them!!! As long as the tiles arrive by Mothers Day it is no big deal :-) When I send things 2 day from here to my grandkids and it's only 300 miles away they usually get there no quicker than regular mail which is upsetting because you pay extra for it! No worries Happy Wednesday and have fun with your new Patterns!!

    1. Still working on these, off and on. The slipper patterns are a little tricky with the sizing...:sighs::...But I think I am going to take a break from the slippers to make the adorable dolls :)