Friday, March 13, 2015

WIPS Wednesday (On Friday)

It's Friday - oops! I am a little late. But I wanted to share these cute Solid Granny Squares for my two newest baby blankets! I am using one of my favorite yarns - I Love This Cotton - since it is 100% cotton and soft!
I started with this blanket. 
When I went yarn shopping with my boyfriend, Chad, last week, we brainstormed how the blanket would look with the colors I was getting. He's the greatest for playing along - hehe!
It was decided that I'd do the blanket in two colors with the variegated color (Fantasy) as one of them. I then picked the Bright Teal as my other color with the Hot Orchid to join, so in turn the pink was really the focal of this blanket.
I made my squares 5.5" since I was only working with two colors.

As I was working up these squares, I thought that leaving off one round would make cuter squares for a baby blanket so...
On my second blanket, I went with 3.75" squares. 
Same pattern, minus a round.
Originally, I was also going to be working up this blanket in two colors (the Denims and Dark Denims colors), but I decided against it when I decided to go with the smaller squares so back to Hobby Lobby I went for the Pale Denims color. This blanket will be joined by Dove, a light gray color.

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  1. These squares are soo cute! How big will you make the blankets?

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

    1. 30" Square for each is the goal. Not sure why, but that measurement has been stuck in my head since I started making baby blankets.