Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WIPS Wednesday - New Quilted Inspired Blanket

Yesterday, I spent ALL day working on photographing the missing pieces of my Ribbed Boy's Blues Hats and Diaper Cover sets, and then had to save all the images to my computer, edit and post some Etsy listings for them so I could put together a Custom Listing for my friend Danielle. I didn't even finish the editing - I only did the ones I needed for the listings. Cheater, I know, but it was so much work for one day and I was getting tired. That side is definitely something I really didn't figure in for when I started on this blogging/crafting journey but it is a really big part of being a blogger, and takes time just like anything else - phew! Finally, I can show some photos of the finished sets! I will be posting separate posts for them in the next few days too, but for now, here's a sneak peak.
I'm also still working on many of the other projects I have shared in previous WIPS Wednesdays. I won't make you go through them all again since no progress has really been made. I will say though...
The closest to being finished next is the Sweet Fantasy Baby Blanket. I am just waiting on Hobby Lobby to restock the Fantasy yarn so I can pick up one more ball of yarn because I am just two squares short, plus half of a matching diaper cover short...::crosses fingers::...

I also started ANOTHER blanket! As if I don't have enough going around. I was looking through a Quilter's World magazine last week and saw this BEAUTIFUL Rainbow quilt! It can be found on the cover of the Quilts for a Rainy Day magazine. Just from the one time of soaking in all the colors through the images, I decided I was going to make a crocheted version - since I don't quilt. I am really excited about it and have been chugging along. I am using the join as you go method which I am not as comfortable working, as I prefer the single crochet join but it is the perfect join for this blanket. Every once and a while, it's good to step a little out of the comfort zone.
I also have had quite a few ideas bud just while working the first part of this blanket. I jotted them down so I don't forget before I get to them.
AND! For anyone who works plastic canvas projects, I also want to work a Plastic Canvas version of the quilt. Plastic Canvas projects do take a lot more time then crocheting projects so that will be something I will start closer to the crochet blanket being finished.
I want to check with Quilter's World before I shared more than progress photos, to make sure I am not infringing on the copyright. I don't think I am though, so hoping to provide layouts for you to work your own crochet and plastic canvas versions too!


  1. I love the squares as much as you :) This will be so nice.
    Remember my link up ;o)

  2. Love that quilt so much I pinned it! I want to crochet it too! Its going to be a showstopper! I will watch for it. Your diaper covers and hats are adorable and fingers crossed on the yarn. It drives me nuts to run out a row or 2 short. Thanks for sharing!

    1. First off, :D
      Secondly, I was able to get the yarn - yay! Not at my local Hobby Lobby, but a nearby one. Was a nice change of scenery, hehe.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Crystal!

  3. I am in love with your Denim Blues Baby Blanket! I truly love the color combo! Happy for you finding your yarn! I wish I had a Hobby Lobby close by. My selections are limited here only have Wal Mart, that is it :-( Nice to meet you.

    1. Nice to meet you too!! Thanks for stopping by :)
      Not going to lie, even though I have a JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby local to me, sometimes I go to my local Walmart too. The prices are great, and yarn selection isn't bad.
      I sent you a message on Facebook - let me know what you think :)

    2. Your a wonderful kind spirit. Working on message reply from my FB page.