Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Living the Dream - Outside with Shiloh

I can barely get Shiloh to look at me when he's outside playing,
but here, I almost got lucky. Hehe.
I have decided "Living the Dream" will be my version of a Wordless Wednesday, except, it will be full of words since I can't go without. 

At first, when I started my blog, I figured I would focus on crafts and recipes, but the more and more I continue along, I feel like I am only expressing half of me. I take a lot of photos, especially of my cat, Shiloh, so why not share them here too?!

Going outside is part of the morning routine. I wake up, open the back door and sit outside with Shiloh as he soaks up the sun. He is primarily an indoor cat, but he does get a little time during daylight hours to play outside.
Shiloh is always on the hunt for lizards.
This plant is one of his stops.
I know you can't see it very well
but there is a little bird at the very top of this tree.
It was singing so beautifully to us.
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. would LOVE to have a yard where I felt safe letting Matthew and <arcus out . . . I think they would like it.

    I like your bricks with plantings coming through . . looks lived in :)

    1. At first, it made me nervous to let Shiloh out because it was so into everything! But now as he is getting older, he's more calm and just likes to explore the yard and lay around in the sun.
      The yard definitely has some great little areas including that pathway that is a little overun at the moment, but It's nice to sit on that bench and enjoy.

  2. i bet my cats would love to be outside. yours is so cute, and he seems to really enjoy it.

    1. Thanks! I think he looks extra cute outside playing. He just can't get enough of it! I am glad that he behaves enough to make me okay with him being out there, and comes back in without trouble when it's time.