Sunday, December 14, 2014

Daily Dose of EyeLoveKnots Finds - December 14th, 2014

Here is your Daily Dose from EyeLoveKnots - Finds for December 14th!

Etsy Finds / Paid Crochet Patterns:

Beautiful Dangle Earrings - 1 Crochet Pattern
by Nihal of accessoriesbynez
To create these, you will need some rings to crochet over.
I love how it turns out from having these rings - a very different
kind of look.

Dangle Earrings - 5 Crochet Pattern
by Nihal of accessoriesbynez
These hearts are so precious! Made in pink or red, they would be perfect
for Valentine's Day!

Dangle Earrings - 17 Crochet Pattern
by Nihal of accessoriesbynez
These are my favorite! I love the shape, the pattern and even the color!)

Dangle Earrings - 19 Crochet Pattern
by Nihal of accessoriesbynez
These earrings kind of remind me of a spider - small "head" on the top,
big "body" underneath and eight "legs" represented by
the eight mini shells along the bottom.

Dangle Earrings - 20 Crochet Pattern
by Nihal of accessoriesbynez
The shape to these are so neat!
When I was younger, five of my cousins and I used to go swimming in
my Aunt Charlotte's pool and create a whirlpool by swimming around and
around the edge of the pool very quickly. It had the neatest effect! Too bad
didn't last longer. Anywho, these earrings remind me of those times.

Dangle Earrings Crochet Pattern
by Nihal of accessoriesbynez
I first discovered accessoriesbynez through this earring pattern, as
I was on a search for Valentine's Day crochet patterns. These beautiful, frilly earrings are definitely on my list for the upcoming season.
Lace Necklace 1 Crochet Pattern
by Nihal of accessoriesbynez
I love this necklace! It's simple, dainty and beautiful.

Peter Pan Collar Crochet Pattern
by Nihal of accessoriesbynez
I haven't attempted to crochet any peter pan collars yet, but I
think this gorgeous one may be my first!

Peter Pan Collar Crochet Pattern
by Nihal of accessoriesbynez
Here's another beautiful pattern! I am not sure what I would wear
something like this over or wear it to, but it is gorgeous.
Free Crochet Patterns:

Bubbles and Goldfish Teether
by ChiWei of 1 Dog Woof
This idea is awesome! It is a teether, toy and rattle all in one!
Genius how she creates the rattle. Check it out!

Hedgehog Taggie Toys
by ChiWei of 1 Dog Woof
We all know that babies are
suckers for tags!
With this teether, your
baby can get all the tag
play desired! And have
something to chew on in
the process.

Gnome Cork Peg Doll Ornaments
by ChiWei of 1 Dog Woof
These adorable little cork peg dolls remind
me of the Whos from How the Grinch Stole
Christmas - one of my favorite movies!

Tune back in tomorrow for your daily dose!

*If you would like any of the finished crochet pieces, please feel free to message me with your request/s for an estimate and color options. Or visit my Etsy shop to see what I have available!

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