Thursday, December 11, 2014

Daily Dose of EyeLoveKnots Finds - December 11th, 2014

Here is your Daily Dose from EyeLoveKnots - Finds for December 11th!

Etsy Finds / Paid Crochet Patterns:

Hang On - Christmas Greeting Cards
by Bill of StubbornPixelStudio
This is such a funny little scene of a storm or what-have-you.
That little elf is doing well hangin' on.

Merry Christmas From...
by Bill of StubbornPixelStudio
How funny this image is! A snowman being held up by another snowman. Ha!

No Parking Greeting Cards
by Bill of StubbornPixelStudio
Hehe! Santa should have been paying more attention to the signs!
I wonder where they towed it to... I hope there are plenty of carrots
there for the reindeer!

North Pole Surprise Print
by Bill of StubbornPixelStudio
Oh no! A space invasion at the North Pole! How creative!

Santa's Speeding Ticket Greeting Cards
by Bill of StubbornPixelStudio
Crazy how Santa got caught when he travels at the speed of light!

View from Swim Beach Watercolor Print
by Bill of StubbornPixelStudio
This image is of a beach in Maine, as stated in the listing, which I have not had the pleasure of visiting, but I absolutely LOVE this painting! The skies are gloomy. This reminds me of a cold, rainy day - which surprisingly, is one of my favorite types of weather. This is definitely on my wish list!
I LOVE so many of the prints and greeting cards I discovered in StubbornPixelStudio. Each one is so full of imagination! And so fun. The above six that I've chosen, is just a taste. Make sure to visit to see all of his other pieces of art!

Adorable Adeleide Hat Crochet Pattern
by WhisperTwister
What an interesting pattern for a slouch hat. Different than others I have seen.
This is in an adult size and uses worsted weight yarn.

Chaos Corrected Cowl Crochet Pattern
by WhisperTwister
This beautiful, feminine cowl is worked up using mohair yarn.
This is so gorgeous and dainty looking.
And perfect for Spring Time!

Dear Duchess Arm Warmers Crochet Pattern
by WhisperTwister
This arm warmers are a one size fits most, and made with lightweight yarn.
These are great for Spring!
The shells also make this dainty and feminine.

Lacy Grey Cowl Crochet Pattern
by WhisperTwister
I am IN LOVE with this pattern (as I am sure you have noticed so far!).
This scarf is no exception - GORGEOUS!
Made with worsted weight yarn, this scarf is perfect for early Spring,
or late Fall.

Vanilla Volcano Scarf
by WhisperTwister
This cute, little scarf is made of super bulky yarn. While it is on the shorter end, add a button, and wear this as a button up cowl!
Or extend the pattern longer if desired.
As is, you can tuck this into your coat neck area and will be sure to stay warm!

Tune back in tomorrow for your daily dose!

*If you would like any of the finished crochet pieces, please feel free to message me with your request/s for an estimate and color options. Or visit my Etsy shop to see what I have available!

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