Friday, July 4, 2014

Finger Knitting Scarves with Sashay Boutique Yarn! Pattern/Video REVIEW

Finger Knit Scarf in Waltz
Finger Knit Scarf in Rumba

Finger Knit Scarf in Twist
This finger (and arm) knitting trend has taken over in big, bulky yarns. When I tried my first knitted ruffle scarf, I also viewed a How to Chain Red Heart Boutique Sashay Scarves video tutorial on YouTube by Mikey of the Crochet Crowd. It seemed easy enough, but I wasn't sold on the idea.

After some time passed, I found some Sashay Boutique yarn on sale at Walmart, so I decided to pick up a few extra balls to try out the finger knitting look myself.

I followed Mikey's tutorial and must say - quite easy, quick and beautiful finished pieces!

They take about 15 minutes or so and measure roughly 100".

They look great as layered necklaces or wrapped around your neck. While they are light enough to wear in the summer, they also will keep your neck warm in the cooler months.

Finger Knit Scarf in Tango
If you'd like to see a pattern instead of watching the video tutorial, here are some provided on the Red Heart Yarns site:

Glam-it-Up Hand Chain using Sashay Sparkle
Simple Sophisticated Scarf using Sashay Sequins
Sassy Hand Chain Scarf using Sashay Sequins
Quick and Sassy Chain Scarf using Boutique Sashay
Go Team Hand Chain Scarf using Sashay Team Spirit

If you've completed your finger knit scarf and you aren't quite sure how to wear it, check out Mikey's How to Wear Red Heart Sashay Chain & Ruffle Scarves video for some tips.

I have added these Finger Knit Scarves to my Etsy shop and marked them ON SALE for Christmas in July! They will be on sale 1 for $12.50 or 2 for $20 from now until 11:59pm on July 20th, 2014! 
08.04.14 - Christmas in July Sale is over but these chain scarves are still available for sale. Feel free to send in custom requests.

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