Monday, June 9, 2014

Spring and Easter Coaster 10% OFF Sale

Today, I went through my Etsy shop and marked all of the Spring and Easter Coasters that I have left in stock as Ready to Ship (RTS) and 10% off. 

They were $6.00 but are now $5.40. 

Summer is almost here and I'm trying to make room for more items. 

Mix and Matching is definitely an option! Any Spring/Easter Coasters that I have in stock can be mixed in at the sale price. Feel free to comment or sent me a message.

Once these sell, they will still be available for special order but at regular price and made to order - ready in 3-5 days.

As of 3:00pm on June 9th, 2014, the following are still available:

Diva Flowers Set of 4
Graceful Circles, Set of 4

Easter Pattern Bunnies Set of 4

Faith Cross Set of 4

Faith Words Set of 4

I Love Jesus Words 1, Set of 4

Linen Door Girl Plaid, Set of 4
Linen Door Girl Stripe, Set of 4

Linen Stripe, Set of 4
Multi Colored Crosses, Set of 4

Orange and White Chevrons, Set of 4

Linen Big Polka Dots, Set of 4

Floral Souffle #2, Set of 4

Floral Souffle #1, Set of 4

White Bunny in Cracked Egg on Green, Set of 4 MIXED

White Bunny in Cracked Egg on Turquoise, Set of 4 MIXED 
As always, 15% of each purchase will be donated to the National Retinoblastoma Research and Support Foundation headed by Doctor Timothy Murray to aid in medical advances on the fight against Retinoblastoma, blindness and other eye disease.

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