Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Donating Blemished Coasters

Today, I sat down and went through the ceramic tile coasters I had stored. Most of them Spring and Easter ones. I had a spare box at home so I boxed up the Spring and Easter coasters and put a note on top so I would remember which ones were in there. This box will make them easier to store and move - which is great when my space is limited.

As I was going through the coasters, I was double checking that I had added them to my Etsy shop. 
*All of the Spring and Easter coasters left in stock have been marked down 10%.

I was also examining the images for blemishes and/or stray hairs. I set these aside.

I went through the set aside coasters and split them into 1.) sellable ones - which I marked down 25% and labeled as "Oops!" (hehe), 2.) donations - not sellable but no need to toss, and 3.) toss.

For the donation ones I packaged them up neatly and included a note for finishing them up (as I did not add the felt to the back of them) and caring for them. Find below my way of doing this. You can also use this method for gift wrapping!

I used:
A single hole punch for attaching the note
Colored Index Cards (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
40" of two strands of worsted weight (4) yarn (adjust length if using other)
A set of coasters for wrapping

Fold your yarn in half. Center it on the coaster.

Flip your coaster over.
Cross the two strands on the back.

While holding the two strands, turn the coaster 90 degrees
 clockwise to twist the yarn strands.

At this point if you haven't hole punched your index card, do so.
Write your message - mine says,
"These ceramic tile coasters have blemishes on them - unfortunately
they weren't dry enough when I stacked them on top of each other.
They've been sealed with two coats of an acrylic sealer making them
water resistant NOT waterproof. DO NOT submerge in water. NOT
dishwasher safe.
To Care For: simply wipe with a damp cloth.
To Finish: Hot glue felt or cork to bottom of tiles.
*I include similar notes with each purchase. It's nice to receive
personalized, hand written notes. It's important to include care
instructions and other pertinent info.
**When donating handmade items, include your contact/store
information. Who knows? Someone may want to make
another purchase! Or see what else you have to offer.

Place your index card underneath your yarn strands.
Adjust the strands to accommodate the index card.
Prepare to tie.
*I'm not sure why I put my finger on the cross part here
since I still needed to string the yarn through the hole...
After the next step, you may need to use a finger to
help you with the tying.

String your yarn through the hole you made earlier.

Tie a simple overhand knot to secure your yarn.

Tie a bow.
Straighten your loose ends out & trim.
Now you're finished! This is a great way to give your coasters as a gift (or to wrap a gift box). Your note can be much smaller than mine and may not need to go as placed - of course these are all up to interpretation.

Before I placed my coasters in a box for donation, I took a single sheet of bubble wrap and wrapped them - just in case the box gets tossed around a little after I hand them off.

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