Monday, May 12, 2014

Starlet Cape - Pattern Review

While I was updating my Vanna's Choice section of my Yarn Review page, I re-came across Lion Brand's Starlet Cape. I say 're' because I had previously bookmarked it - and then forgot about it!

My Aunt Patti is getting married in Las Vegas in a few months by an Elvis impersonator. I love the idea because as her and her fiance's second marriage, they just want to have a ton of fun. What is more fun and different than a Vegas wedding by Elvis?

When I re'came across this pattern, I thought, what better for a Vegas wedding than a Hollywood Marilyn Monroe like cape to go over my aunt's wedding dress? It's also fun enough for her to wear the remainder of her days there.

I went to Joann's today and found the Vanna's Choice yarn on sale plus my 50% off coupon for the Vanna's Glamour yarn. I got my Fun Fur yarn at Michaels on clearance 50% off!

*I found that the Vanna's Glamour yarn is rough. It has 4% metallic polyester - even such a small amount makes this yarn rough. It pairs well with the Vanna's Choice yarn, but I probably would not use alone.

Measures 8 inches in length by 32 inches across lower edge.

Took me between 4.5 and 5.5 minutes depending on the row, for a total of about an hour and a half to complete the cape and do the front finishings on the edge plus 35 minutes to do the top and bottom finishings.

I decided to do the ties a little differently. I cut four strands of A and B at 24" long, two strands of each per side. Then I pulled it through the top edge of each side so the strands were doubled, and made an overhand knot to secure. I then divided the strands in two, and twisted the two parts tightly together until near the bottom. Then I made another overhand knot to secure, and cut to make the loose strands even.

I opted not to attach a pom pom to the ends.

I immediately put the cape on and went to go show my mother. She just started laughing! I am so excited to give this to my aunt!

Pull it forward.
Let it lay loose.
 However you choose to wear it! It will keep your shoulders nice and warm!

This Starlet Cape is available for purchase in my Etsy shop! It would be perfect for Halloween, a Hollywood party or just for fun! There are so many color options! Feel free to find more color options in the following: Vanna's Choice; Vanna's Glamour; Fun Fur.

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