Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Importance of Saving Your Work

I just spent the last two hours working on updating my Yarn Reviews page, the Vanna's Choice Yarn to be exact. Sometimes if you don't keep your palms up off of the laptop, you may move the mouse and click out into the unknown and with a keystroke some of your work may be in danger. 

Not at any point during this two hours did I bother to click the "update" button on my screen to save my work and that darn hand moved the cursor up and with one single keystroke (or a few - not sure since I was in the middle of typing a word) exited out of the Yarn Reviews page and of the crochet pattern I was looking at...::sighs::...I lost two hours worth of work. Let this be a warning to you - SAVE YOUR WORK PERIODICALLY!!!

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