Friday, January 17, 2014

What a Long Day! So many things to do, so little time.

Happy Thursday (well, uh... Friday, I guess - now that it is 2:44am!)

What a long day I feel like I've had. I suppose 12 hours can be considered 'long'. 

I recently received a request for a Valentine's Day Headband (similar to the one at the other end of the link), but a little altered so I've been crocheting different sized and colored hearts as well as a 2-stranded headband to go with. This is day two for it, as I spent an afternoon/evening two days ago stitching up some "funny phrases" on these small crocheted hearts. I have a few more adjustments, but I will be sharing this one soon! 

It also brought back my urge to cross stitch, as I felt more inspired with the words on the cloth canvas. I've decided I am going to work up a design of Valentine's Conversation Hearts with cross stitching. Not sure if this will be up in time for the season, but at least one more of the ideas in my head will be in my hands.

I also have been working on wedding invitations for my cousin, Sandra's, wedding. It has been quite an experience (and lots of learning) with making them so far. My recent dilemma included an inability to print white font straight onto purple card stock. What a headache! But now that I have discovered my options and a semi-alternative for it - vellum - I feel a little accomplished. Wedding invitations will be added to my Etsy shop and Facebook page soon! If you have any special requests (for any occasion), I'd love the challenge.

Also on the list of things to do today, but did not get completed: 

1) complete the jewelry option sets for Sandra's wedding - as I started yesterday. Got the basic ideas down [ALSO TAKING REQUESTS/CHALLENGES]; 

2) clean the oven - since my whole house now gets smokey when I use it!; 

3) Start working on a friend's, Vy's, wedding invitations - was proud that I went and got all the different papers to experiment with, though! They're ON SALE at Joann's right now!! 5 sheets of Darice card stock for $1, and specialty papers 50% off!!!!!! Sale ends January 18th.

4) Add picture's of Madison, Tiffany and Tyler (the Lindhorn's) wearing their newest creations to my blog, Facebook and Etsy pages.

5) Re-work a few crochet patterns I have worked up in the last week, including the plastic bag holder and a green ribbed scarf to go with the green ribbed hat I made for my boyfriend, Chad. These will be FREE patterns. Check back soon for them!

6) Try my hand at a card/project or two in celebration of National Thesaurus Day, which is on Saturday, January 18th. This will still be on my list, even after it's passed! Another idea, in hand thing.

Mission's Accomplished (in addition to the above):

1) Finally turned in my costume to Disney - being that I quit 4 months ago! Hoping they release my paycheck they've been holding...::crosses fingers::...

Wishing everyone a safe, long weekend.

:) Alexandra

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