Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years 2014 Nails!

I took the time to look up some different New Year’s Eve nail designs. I picked:

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/427208714623189895/ - for the stars and gold glittered tips. Although I did not do it this time, this is still a pretty design.

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/472526185873781111/ - for the beautiful fireworks! Even though I did not do it this time, I have done fireworks before for the 4th of July. I feel they're more appropriate for that.

My version of this is shown on my middle finger. I used star shaped glitter, which I bought in a variety pack with like five (5) other different kinds of glitter at Joann's, similar to this one. In the variety pack there was also large gold glitter which I placed around the stars. 
To place the glitter, I used a toothpick. I continuously dipped the toothpick end into some water so it would pick up the glitter pieces and then placed it onto my nail while the polish was still wet. If you do this, make sure to lightly press all the corners of the stars down so you don't have any points sticking up after everything dries. (If you do have points sticking up though, it won't pull them off and you won't really feel it if you run your fingers along it. Just annoying to see.)
This is the second time that I've done the glitter dots and stars on my nails. They hold up very well - most of them stay on for as long as the nail polish is on - and are an easy clean up later when it's time to change.;

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/492088696756140943/for the beautiful color (as I though that was one of the new magnetic nail polishes my mom bought me for Christmas, but it was actually purple) and the gold swirls.
Since I didn't have any gold nail polish, I used the gold glitter dots to create my own swirls. 
My original plan was to make the ring finger and index finger with the same design just facing opposite directions. After I did my first index finger, I changed my mind. It was time consuming and not as easy to duplicate. This is why the ring finger is just the magnetic nail polish with a strip diagonally in the center.

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/106467978663461094/ - for the clock and “2013[4]”. 
The 2014 is shown on my pinky's, with added gold glitter dots.
Originally I did paint a clock on my thumbs but did it backwards (facing me) and when I took it off to redo it, I decided on champagne glasses instead.;
http://www.pinterest.com/pin/134967320055006463/ - for the champagne glasses and goldness. Not really sure what the shower thing on the middle finger is supposed to be o_O;
I filled in my champagne glasses with more gold glitter dots. On one thumb, I made two glasses; On the other (pictured), just one.
The top coat was already drying once I put the glitter dots on the thumb that had the two champagne glasses so only a few of them have survived. I joked with my boyfriend that I drank those two glasses. for New Years. Hehe.

If I chose to do something like this again, the only thing I would change is the placement of the champagne glasses and 2014. I'd swap them to give the champagne glasses the length, and the 2014 the width.

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