Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Crochet Blue Winter Hat and Scarf - Pattern Review

Second Winter Hat and Scarf completed!

This pattern is courtesy of favecrafts. It was very easy to follow - good for a beginner.

My choice of yarn was the Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Collection in the color Cirrus - chunky, self striping yarn of blues mixed with white. I do really like the Bernat Softee Chunky yarn, but the Premier Yarns happened to be on sale at the time of deciding to make this project. It is also a very good yarn and I would consider it to be a good alternative to the Bernat Softee Chunky yarn.

The pattern states using Bernat Softee Chunky yarn of 80 grams, it should take 3 balls of yarn to complete; however, the yarn I used had 100 grams and it took me just under 4 balls of yarn to finish. The pattern also states to make scarf to measure 48 inches long but it really wasn't long enough so I added an extra two inches to it. I like my scarves on the shorter side but if you're going to knot it around your neck, I recommend making it a little longer, probably around 60 inches or so. 

This Crochet Blue Winter Hat and Scarf Set is available through my Etsy shop as a set or individual items.
Customization is always welcome! So if you'd like this in a different color, or want the length/width adjusted, I'd be happy to custom make something for you! Hat Pom Poms and Scarf Fringes are also an option.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Super T Set - Pattern Review

When I made the Pretty Purple Set for Madison, I had to make something for Tyler too. My cousin, Tiffany, suggested a cape. At first, I thought sewing a cape would be easier and less time consuming. (I have this really great idea for a cute cape in my head, but that's for a later time!) Since I'm financially strapped at the moment, I decided just to buy a ball of yarn and make one. I found a free pattern for Superhero Capes and Masks courtesy of Calleigh's Clips & Crochet Creations by Elisabeth Spivey. Visit! She has lovely things here for little ones.

Here is the mask and cape. The cape measures 16" x 14" with slight tapering towards the end. 

This shirt didn't quite come out as I imagined it. I free hand cut the letters to spell "super" and crocheted my version of the superman diamond with a "T" for Tyler in the center. All is hand sewn onto the shirt. I plan on doing this over for Tyler but going to use a letter template and do the T and the diamond in felt. I feel that the felt will make it more durable and easier to sew and fold.
The cape and mask - Childs Superhero Cape and Mask - are available in my Etsy shop. After I tweak the shirt to my liking, I may add it as well but not today.

I also was able to give this to Tyler when I went over to babysit today. Tyler was really excited about putting the cape on. So glad!!

                              Super Tyler              To the Rescue!

Pretty Purple Crochet Set

I started crocheting a halter top for myself when I thought how cute it would look as a dress for my little cousin, Madison. So I switched up a few things here and there but felt super accomplished with my finished product. If it hadn't taken so long, I probably would have turned around and made myself one (in every color!)

 This is a good picture of the skirt. It is very ruffly, and a little heavy but very pretty.

 Back of the dress.

These are one of my favorite sets of buttons. It's part of the  LaMode Coordinates collection. 
I made the straps to go around the buttons, and they're two holes longer than needed so the dress can be worn for a longer period of time.

After I finished the dress, I couldn't just leave it alone. I also added a hat and purse.
Here is my 'model' wearing the purple hat with a large ruffle flower attached.

This cute little purse has a small ruffle flower on it. It has a large glass pearl sewn into the center of the purse as a closure. Despite how small it looks in this picture, this purse is large enough to hold my phone, keys, ID and still has a little room for more.

Back of the purse.
All three items took about two balls of Red Heart Super Saver Grape Fizz, one ball of Red Heart Super Saver Lavender, and less than one ball of Red Heart Super Saver Orchid. I also used 11 6mm brown glass pearls (sewn into center of ruffle flowers) and 1 10mm brown glass pearl (sewn into center of purse). The stack of buttons used to hold the straps are the LaMode Coordinates Moonlight Leaves. 

The hat - Toddler Crochet Purple Hat - and purse - Crochet Purple Purse - are available in my Etsy shop. The color combinations are practically endless, so I would be happy to custom make either or in any color of your choosing; as well as the sizing. You'll notice the listing for the crochet purple purse also has a picture of a yellow purse with a long strap. I made this one for myself!
I can also custom make a dress, but as it stands, there isn't a listing up for it.

I was babysitting Madison and Tyler today, and was finally (after two months of having it complete) able to give this to Madison. She walked around all day with the purse but wasn't into the dress or hat until Mama came home to play with her. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Post!


My computer is about to give out on me, again. I have decided that I would go through the bookmarks I have saved (99.9% crafting, of course!) and see which ones I really want to follow up on. It has turned into a two-week long project so far because of course, I find one crafting project I like and then have to check out the rest of the DIYs on that page, which then leads to hours spent on one blog/website instead of just five minutes. There are so many talented and inspirational people out there, and I hope to be one of them someday.

A lot of blogs I've visited were ...blogspot.com so after only seeing about a million of them, I decided to check it out. I'm super excited to get started with this, and hope it helps not only for me to grow as a crafter but others too.

I began with needlepoint on plastic canvas (thank you Aunt Arlys!) about six years ago, making anything I could get my hands on or brain to think up, from masks for school plays to picture frames and small trinkets but recently (less than a year ago), I've gotten into jewelry making and working on my crocheting/sewing/etc.

I chose the name Eye Love Knots in honor of the Burckhalter/Lindhorn family (my very close cousins). Our family has been affected by Retinoblastoma, a cancer of one or both eyes which occurs in young children. There are approximately 350 new diagnosed cases per year in the US and affect about one in every 15,000 births. Although children may be born with retinoblastoma, it is rarely diagnosed at birth. As a rapidly growing cancer, studies of the bones, bone marrow and spinal fluid are also performed upon discovery. If the tumor is contained within the eye, more than 95% of patients can be cured. For those children with tumors in both eyes, close to 70-80% of the eyes can be saved, although many of them need radiation therapy, or possibly even chemotherapy. 
I grew up very close to my cousin Tiffany who was one of five children but the only that had retinoblastoma. Now I won't go into details other then she has a glass eye (due to having to get one eye removed) and only peripheral vision in her other eye (due to a large now non-active tumor). She grew up like the rest of us though and as a young person I never really understood what she faced. She went to karate and received her black belt alongside of me, rode a bike, could take the bus anywhere, went to school and held a job among other things, only with a few more doctor appointments than the rest of us. It wasn't until she had her first child that I really learned about this retinoblastoma. 
Tyler (now 4) and Madison (almost 3), both have the retinoblastoma. They could have been born without it, with a not-so aggressive case of it, or a very aggressive case. No one could say one way or the other prior to the children being born. 
Tyler has had a not-so aggressive case being that after minor laser surgeries, Tyler has not had any activity in a while and his vision won't be affected much. However, Madison was born with a rather large tumor in one of her eyes, and very short after birth had to begin Chemo. She is now only having to have the minor laser surgeries but will have a lot of growing to do as she will only have the full vision in one eye and peripheral vision of the other.

Now that I've gone through all of that, I decided when I started Eye <3 Knots that I wanted to donate fifteen percent of every purchase made from me to aid in the medical advances and new discoveries on the fight against Retinoblastoma, blindness and other eye diseases.

I currently only work part time and have many financial obligations to meet and being that crafting is my true passion, I'm hoping this adventure will turn into a career for me.

So, this will be a blog of me. Great things, bad things, mistakes, tips, suggestions and whatever else I can think of both in life and in my crafting. My goal is for this to keep somewhat of a journal of my adventures along the way.