Thursday, February 4, 2016

Two Tiny Hearts Dangle Earrings - Free Plastic Canvas Pattern & Jewelry DIY

For this episode of Bling It Thursday, I knew I wanted to work up a cute little pair of Valentine inspired earrings. I used the plastic canvas pattern from my Small Plastic Canvas Hearts, but used a smaller mesh. I have been envisioning a two other jewelry projects using small hearts just like these so stay tuned for those. Hearts galore!

     - 1 Yard/36" of Light Weight/Sport Weight Yarn - I used Hobby Lobby's I Love This Sport Weight Yarn in Red
     - Small Pieces of 10-Count Clear Plastic Canvas
     - #20 Tapestry Needle
     - 2 Earrings Wires - I used the 20mm Stainless Steel Ear Wires from AliCsSupplyShop
     - 42 6mm Jump Rings (21 per earring) - I used some by Darice from my local JoAnns
     - Jewelry Pliers - I use two (one in each hand) but one will suffice.

Material Notes:
     I will caution you on using jump rings from your local craft store. I have found that they are pretty soft, and tend to open while jewelry piece is in wear. I recommend a stronger one like those from AliCsSupplyShop or CanterburyLane.

Also keep in mind the colors of the metals you are using if mixing types. For example, the stainless steel is a duller silver while the jump rings are a brighter silver. No one else noticed at all while wearing my earrings, but there is a slight color difference between these two.

Time Spent:
     It took me just over half an hour to complete the pair from cutting to stitching and assembling.

     1" Wide by 2.75" in Length

Pattern Notes:
     If you need help with cutting or stitching, check out my Small Plastic Canvas Hearts post.

     If you don't like the way your carried yarn looks on the back of your finished piece, you can add a piece of felt, just make sure you don't glue it too high as you will still want to get the jump rings through the holes in the corner. I didn't, as I like the way it looks and it isn't really visible to anyone.

To Open an Earring Wire Loop (or Jump Ring):
Grab one end of your earring wires with your round nose pliers - in this case, right side.
You will need to grab the other end with another pair of pliers or your fingers for leverage and stability - this case, left side (not shown).
Pull open the loops TOWARDS you, not side to side.
Close in the same manner.

     If you are running low on yarn, change it on the yarn row before beginning the whipstitching.

9 holes wide by 8 holes tall

Make 4.

Cut Heart shape out.

Work the red slashes as continental stitches, and then whipstitch around after.

Earring Tutorial:
Pre-Assembly - Here's the basic layout.
Jump Rings will go into the farthest holes on the top row.
The holes are tight, so you may have to enter from the back to the front to get the jump rings into the canvas.
Begin linking the jump rings. You'll need to attach six to each side, as shown. 
Grab your second heart, and attach one jump ring to each side,
as well as through the top jump ring from the first heart.
Be carefully not to twist your jump ring chain, 
but it's an easy fix if it does get twisted. 
Attach three more jump rings to each side. 
Grab your final jump ring. Hook it to the jump ring on the right, the jump ring on the left, and put on your earring wire. Close.
Make sure the part of the earring wire that goes into your ear is facing away from you. 
Make second pair.

Please feel free to make and sell your own Two Tiny Hearts Dangle Earrings using this pattern, but please DO NOT claim this pattern as your own nor should you sell my pattern, and DO NOT re-publish my photos as your own. DO NOT copy and paste my pattern anywhere, link to it instead.

With so many color options, I would love to see them! Please share your photos on my EyeLoveKnots Facebook page!

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Interested in Purchasing Your Own Two Tiny Hearts Dangle Earrings?
     I will be adding some to my EyeLoveKnots Etsy shop, but feel free to send in your custom requests :)

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

20 Yarn-Tastic Jewelry Projects - Yarn Fanatic Party Features

Shared Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

I am going to be gathering up all of my finished projects, and head out to a local flea market this month to begin my journey into storefront sales. I am really excited to start and see where it takes me, plus it opens the doors to future craft fairs. I have been in search of quick and easy projects to work up to take with me, and add to my EyeLoveKnots Etsy shop. I have searched through previous Yarn Fanatic Parties for some jewelry projects to add to my list. Below you'll find crochet, knit and cross stitch patterns and inspirations for jewelry and hair accessories. If you have any patterns you'd like to share with us that fit this category, please leave them in the comments section and/or share them at our current Yarn Fanatic Party #55!

ROW 1:
A Little Owl from Little Crochet - Free Crochet Pattern. Here's another keychain, but can you see these dangling from yours ears? Alternatively, they would make really cute ornaments too!

Pom Pom Keychain from Made in a Day - Free DIY with Photo Tutorial. Even though this is a keychain, I was thinking how absolutely adorable would this be if made into a dangle earring?!

Tiara from Haak en Maak - Crochet Inspiration with Pattern Link Included. I really love this little tiara! I think more than anything, I love that it's more simple. It has just a sweet little edging with a few beads - nothing over the top. And made in a simple gray, versus an in-your-face gold or pink (though I think it would still look pretty in these!).

Crochet Hearts Collar from Crochet For You - Free Crochet Pattern. I am envisioning this collar made in red over a cream colored shirt for the upcoming Valentine's/Love season. How cute it would be! Or with the same concept as a baby's blanket. So sweet.

Shell Stitch Dog Collar from Posh Pooch Designs - Free Crochet Pattern. Who said jewelry was just for humans? I just love this little dog collar that Sara worked up for Rosie! Alternatively, you can use the pattern to make yourself a headband.

ROW 2:
Flower Headband from Little Treasures - Free Crochet Pattern. What a sweet lacy little headband! It can easily be adjusted to fit a range of head sizes. Pattern includes notes on adding a button closure. Alternatively, made in a thicker yarn weight, I think it would make a nice spring or summer scarf!

Granny Square Earrings from Marmarel - Crochet Inspiration. If you are a regular follower here on EyeLoveKnots, you know about my soft spot for Granny Square projects. I really like the color twist on these earrings. I made some granny square earrings from thread and was not comfortable working color changes with the thread yarn, but after looking at these earrings, perhaps a fingering or sport weight yarn would well and may even hold it's shape.

Nautical Knot Heart from Howling at the Moon - Knitting Inspiration. This knot is really neat! It's created by a method of french knitting (similar to loom knitting), but an icord would work just as well. It would make a great pendant in a statement necklace. Alternatively, I think it would look cute framed and hanging on the wall.

Kids Summer Bracelet from Hip met Haken - These bracelets would be a fun summer camp or slumber party project. Alternatively, they'd also make great favors at a little girls party. They only take 5 minutes and a small amount of yarn.

Broomstick Lace Bracelet from A Day in my Life - Crochet Inspiration with Pattern Link Included. What a fun bracelet idea! Elegant enough to pair with a dressier outfit, but casual enough to wear every day! I haven't tried the broomstick lace technique yet as it's very intimidating to me, but I did see that Jenny of Crochet is the Way has a great photo tutorial for it!

ROW 3:
Sea Glass Pendant from KBB Crafts & Stitches - Free Crochet Pattern. This pendant is constructed similarly to wire wrapping pendants, but made especially for the yarn enthusiasts! With a few simple chains and joins, you can have a new pendant out of practically anything! Keep in mind the weight of the item chosen though.

Celtic Knot Shamrock Pendant from Crochet is the Way - Free Crochet Pattern & Photo Tutorial. This pendant is great for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day/Luck of the Irish holiday. If you don't want the whole pendant, you can stop short of the border and have a cute little four leaf clover. Alternatively, it would look cute on the front of a handmade card, or you can make it in worsted weight or chunky yarn to make an afghan square or coaster.

6 Petal Poppy from Purfylle - Free Crochet Pattern. Another beautiful flower applique that would make a great pair or earrings, hair clip or brooch! Especially in celebration of Remembrance Day.

Armband from Lunamon Design - Crochet Inspiration. Link to Free Pattern Included. I really like the sweet little shell edge on these bracelets, plus the pretty color combinations. I would wear one, or two... or five.

Butterflies from My Little Shop of Treasures - Free Crochet Pattern. These butterflies are also not jewelry pieces, but made from a thinner yarn I believe they would make such cute earrings! Or sewn onto a chain necklace. With a medium weight yarn, they would make cute little hair clips or a brooch.

ROW 4:
Blooming Scrap Bracelet from Sustain my Craft Habit - Free Crochet & Knit Pattern. This cute little scrap yarn bracelet seems simply, yet it is a beautiful accessory that I feel can be paired with a dressy or casual outfit. As just a cord and flower, it can easily make a nice little headband or necklace as well. This project requires crocheting for the flower, and knitting for the cord. It sounds a little intimidating, but with the video, you are sure to have your new bracelet in no time!

Sea & Sun Cross Stitch Pin from KBB Crafts & Stitches - Free Cross Stitch Pattern. I highly suggest this pin for anyone buried in snow at the moment - hehe. This project would be a great distraction as would the warm colors of the ocean and beach. This project is great for beginners or experts alike. Make in any color to match your scheme. I think this pin would be cute on a crocheted or knitted scarf to hold the two light layers over your shoulder.

Flower Hair Comb from Little Treasures - Free Crochet Pattern & DIY. These hair combs are so simple and pretty! Though, I do not think hair combs are as popular today as they once were, they are still a big hit at weddings!

Nautical Wrap Bracelet from Chaleur Life - Free Knitting Pattern. Made to distract from the larger Fitness Tracker, this cute little wrap bracelet has a lot of potential! It can be made in several colors, with a million different charms and in a bunch of different lengths to match the look you're going for. Made of fingering weight yarn, it is light enough that you won't mind wearing it to the gym, but can be made in any weight yarn really. Fun idea!

Crocheted Paillette Necklace from KBB Crafts & Stitches - Free Crochet Pattern. I fell in love with this necklace the moment it was first shared with us. Made from materials you may have at home, this is a nice rainy day project. I, however, don't have sequins hanging around but have stopped to look at them at Hobby Lobby almost each time I go with this very necklace in mind. Crochet one single strand or several strands as Kathleen has done, this necklace is a quick, easy, and stunning piece to add to your collection.

I really enjoyed looking through past parties and looking further into each of these projects :) 

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